Teachers’ Day Celebration

Teachers’ Day has been Celebrated, paying homage to Dr. Sarvapally Radhakrishnan. Students also arranged small program to show honor to their teachers. The Presence of Swami Puramathanananda, Col. Prabir Sengupta and other dignitaries, took this program to a greater height. The new decorated Library building was inaugurated on that day.

Institute runs an Entrepreneurship Cell—PRAYAS. Students are encouraged in Entrepreneurial activities. Some student members have started 1st campus company “SAHAY”.

Motivating Speech.He inaugurated the first issue of “Urja” and Second Campus Companyuder PRAYAS – the Entrepreneurship Cell of the college, “Sip N Eat” and New Library Building.




The second Campus Company “SIP & EAT” has been inaugurated on September 5, by Swami Puramathanananda.