Agile Testing Alliance – BugATAhon 2015

The students of 3rd year and 2nd year from Camellia Institute of Technology participated at BugATAhon 2015 event which was organized by Agile Testing Alliance in association with NASSCOM, Capgemini, PMI, Microsoft, 10000 Start-ups, etc…


The BugATAhon 2015 was held at WEBEL ,Sector 5, Kolkata on 23-May-2015.

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The event was a free non-profit international crowd testing competition challenge to test a live application in 2 hour. the participants  were either individuals or in groups (group of max 3).

20150523_123443 20150523_123446The students were given the task to test an web application and a mobile application within 2 hours.


They were asked to find the defects in the applications under the following 4 categories:

a.Number of defects.
b. Severity of Defects.
c. Defect Description.
d. Test Approach.

20150523_123449The students successfully completed the event followed by some discussions with the Agile Testing Alliance Team and NASSCOM  Team.


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Faculty Development Programme (FDP) at iLeads, Kolkata.



An FDP on 9th May, 2015-Saturday  at ILEAD, Kolkata on HOW TO BECOME A GREAT TEACHER put the faculties of CIT on TOP OF THE WORLD.

Col. Sengupta started with enthusing ENTHUSIAM to become a great teacher. His talk on Attitude of Gratitude and Attitude to Contribute stressed on the latent capabilities of students which teachers should explore and cultivate in the field of knowledge through Integrity, Emotion and Logic that goes in making a winner out of ordinary people. He even asked teachers to follow SNIOP i.e., Stop Negative Impact on Other People to make the society free of all odds.


Mr. P.K. Chopra, the Chairman of ILEAD, Kolkata talked of integrating Soft Skills with Attitude and Communication Skills focusing on striking a difference with Enthusiasm and Collaborative Learning, teaching Eternity in the lines of Dale Carnegie and a Harvard Business School Study. Speaking from the heart is what the call of the day is….we should not impress through tall talks as it helps connecting people from Janitor’s to a CEO.


The FDP ended on a note of infecting the spirit to win through the development of a Messianic sense of purpose discovering our mission and passion that gives life.

fdp3 fdp4



Alegria & Creazione is the Annual Cultural & Tech Fest of Camellia Institute of Technology. Since its inception it has always brought out the best talents in the college to the fore.  For the academic year: 2014-2015, it was organized on 29th April, 1st May & 2nd May, 2015. It was a 3 day event. The Telegraph was the title sponsor. Other sponsors were 91.9 Friends FM (Radio Partner), Kathleen (Food Partner), The brave (Print Partner) & On the Rox (Online Partner). This year’s Fest was jointly organized by the students of Camellia Institute of Technology & Camellia Institute of Engineering.

For the first time, an intra-college sports fest was organized on 29th April, 2015 which included outdoor games like Cricket, Football & Volleyball and indoor games likes Table-Tennis, Carrom, Chess & Rubik’s Cube. The students’ council has plans to organize an Inter-College Sports Fest in the near future.

On the same day, the college hosted the Tech Fest which included events like inter-college robotics, gaming, debate along with events like photography, short-film and poster-making etc., providing an opportunity to the students to present their technical and creative skills. Events like Tech-Novation (Presentation of Business/Innovative Ideas), Build-de-Bridge (Bridge-Making), Tech-Creativo (Creative writing) & Tech-de-Movie (Short-Film) were introduced in this year’s fest. Preliminary rounds for most of the events were completed. Final round for some of the events were conducted on 1st of May, 2015. The event was successful enough to attract as many as 500 registrations for the two days tech fest which included all the events. Participants from various colleges registered and contributed to making the event a grand success.

IMG_5822 IMG_5836 - Copy DSC_0589 - Copy DSC_0596 - Copy DSC_0639 - Copy DSC_0658 - Copy DSC_0659 - Copy DSC_0663 - Copy DSC_0019 - Copy DSC_0025 DSC_0026 - Copy

1st May, 2015: ALEGRIA 2K15, the 2 day event was inaugurated by the Campus Director, Mr. Avijit Das & Mr. Nilanjan Basu, Director (Public Relations), Camellia Group. The first day of ALEGRIA 2k15 started off with Band Competition, followed by Inter-college singing, dancing and instrumental competitions, and then performance by the college band, INJEKTED & lastly with UNDERGROUND AUTHORITY burning the stage on fire. The winner of the band competition was VOLK, a Kolkata based college band. The winner including the runners up were awarded with Prize Money, Trophies & Certificates.

DSC_0062 DSC_0064 - Copy

DSC_0068 - Copy DSC_0094 DSC_0137 DSC_0170 - Copy

2nd May, 2015: The 2nd & the final day of ALEGRIA 2K15, started off with Inter-College Singing, Dancing & Instrumental Competitions followed by performances by two college bands. MORUDDYAN was next in the slot. Pota, the lead singer of the band, hypnotized the audience with his very first song ‘Sudhu tumi ele na’. It was a mesmerizing overall performance. It was followed by a breath-taking dance performance by the College Dance Team, INERTIA. More in line was the show stopping event, the RAMP competition. The final day of ALEGRIA 2K15 ended with the DJ playing awesome dance numbers for the audience.

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The fest witnessed a wide audience participation over the years where the students gathered to showcase their prowess in various activities and had unlimited fun.