CAMPUSeCONNECT Coding and Testing Camp : An Initiative by InSync & Camellia Institute of Technology.

A coding and testing competition was held at Camellia Institute of Technology, Madhyamgram on 14th November 2014. This was organized jointly by Camellia Group and a renowned IT product company from Kolkata – InSync Solutions, under its initiative called CAMPUSeCONNECT. With this initiative, InSync’s objective is to bridge the gap between the IT industry and the academy sector.


Atul Gupta (Founder and CEO, InSync) and Devendra Pratap Singh (COO, InSync) strongly believe that there is a need for interaction between the institutes and the industry. With CAMPUSeCONNECT, they plan to engage students in various ways and build a sustainable partnership with education institutes to mutual benefit by producing “industry ready” recruits.


The coding and testing camp was a first-of-its-kind campus-drive which was held in Camellia. It was of 3 levels with increasing difficulty. Each level was an elimination Round.


There were two type of participants:

  • Coding Participants
  • Testing Participants

Students from all the institutes under Camellia Group participated in this event.


There were over 190 registration for the competition. 6 from coding and 15 from testing crossed Level 1 and reached Level 2. There was a tough competition in Level 2 and 3 and the participants who cleared Level 3 got on-spot job offers from InSync.


Apart from that, there were goodies and Tshirts for the participants and cash prizes and trophies for the winners.


Watch the video:

 “The main objective of these camps is to bring out the innovative mindsets in students, so that they can be given proper support and nurtured accordingly to have a successful career. These initiatives should continue in future as well.” says Mr. Avijit Das, Director, Camellia Institute of Technology.

Award Distribution.

 These camps will be very valuable for the students and we look forward to more of  such events.

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