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A workshop on STEEL IN APPLICATION was jointly organized by Camellia Institute of Technology, Madhyamgram and Institute for Steel Development & Growth (INSDAG), Kolkata at our Institute during 18th and 19th followed by Industry visit on 20th Feb, 2016. The programme was inaugurated by our Director, Prof. Avijit Das, who encouraged the students not be tied with books but to enlarge their knowledge and practical experience. Prof. B. Bhowmik explained the necessity of such programme, not included in the syllabus, for improving the employability of the students.


Dr. Jayanta Saha, Deputy General Manager of INSDAG explained the necessity and contents of the workshop. Eminent speakers from INSDAG, Industry and Institute delivered the lectures on the various aspects of steels, its making, fabrication, inspection and uses.


The participants were much benefited by the deliberations and exposure to industries during the visits.


Hands-on training on Solar Energy and System in collaboration with NBIRT.

Day by day using of decentralized and standalone or grid connected power production has been enhanced to power producer significantly remembering the environmentally constrained CDM technology and in connection to that government of India launched the initiative of JNN Solar Mission. Observing on the fuming issue the department of Electronics & Communication and Electrical Engineering of Camellia Institute of Technology, Madhyamgram, Kolkata-129 apprehended a hands-on training on Solar Energy and System  in collaboration with NBIRT, 220 Madurdaha, Kalikapur, Kolkata-107 during the period of 11th February to 23rd, 2016.


Camellia Institute of Technology always has compatible and effective curriculum of developing student for industry ready. The course curriculum was designed with content of familiarization of solar cells, solar modules, array, PV cells, solar PV designing, storage system, home lighting systems with switch board connection, quiz, group discussion and end with floating solar panel visit and also visit to Deshapryia Park solar street lighting. It was a complete training period of 10 days and successfully covered by the trainers and officials of NBIRT. The student of Camellia Institute of Technology highly inspired by eminent personnel like Prof. (Dr.) Shantipada Gonchaudhury discussed the objective of training in respect to national and international concern.


Smart India – Smart Solutions for Smart Cities.

Camellia Institute of Technology had organized two days Seminar  on Smart India – Smart Solutions for Smart Cities on 21st and 22nd January, 2016.The fully accredited program builds on college’s long standing tradition of academic excellence & future thinking.

With the rapid growth of information and communication technologies, there is a growing interest in developing smart cities with a focus on the knowledge economy, use of sensors, mobile and green technologies, to plan and manage cities. Emerging technologies have potential applications for efficiently managing environment, infrastructure, promoting economic development and building safe healthy sustainable & resilient cities through the active engagement of people.

Debasish Sen

Eminent persons from industry and academic, who are directly or indirectly involve in the project of Smart Cities, were present in this seminar programme. Mr. Debashis Sen, Principal Secretary, Urban Development Dept., Govt. Of West Bengal & Chairman – WBHIDCO Ltd. inaugurated the program &emphasized on the implementation of the Government Policies & initiatives to accelerate the Smart City Projects. It is also highlighted by Mr. Talleen Kumar, Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology & Electronics, Government of West Bengal, the importance of Smart City in present era.

Debasish and Taleen

Mr. Priyankur Roy, Principal Consultant, Director & Head of consulting of CSI, GSI, Erricson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. Rishi Jain, director of Jain Group and Mr. Saibal Sen, Founder Architect & Principal Director of Microspace Architects, were also present there and delivered expert talks on different aspects of the Smart Cities and interacted with the students to share their experiences.

priyankur and rishi

saibal sen

Dr.Tumpa Hazra, Asst. Prof., Department of Civil Engineering, Jadavpur University; Dr.Tushar Kanti Roy, Former Managing Director of M. N. Dastur & Professor of Bengal Engineering College and Mr. Debrata Dutta, AGM of ShapoorjiPallaonji Co. Pvt. Ltd.,were also present there and also interacted with students to share their knowledge on Smart Solutions for Smart Cities.

Priyankur Roy

The principal of Camellia Institute of Technology put the vote of thanks to the dignitaries and audience.


This training programme had been jointly organised by Camellia Institute of Technology and Institute for Steel Development and Growth (INSDAG), on 30th Sept, 1st & 13th Oct, 2015, for enhancement of knowledge in steel and steel structures for 3rd year and 4th year students of this institute.


Many eminent persons from the industry delivered expert talks on the subject and interacted with the students to share their experiences and knowledge.

It was a three day interactive session. First two day’s sessions were the classroom interaction with the students.


On the third day, students were taken to two of the major steel building;

Restello, the residential building at Rajarhat and a commercial hub at E. M. Bypass (near Ruby). The commercial hub has been designed by INSDAG.








The students liked the programme very much..


3-Days hands-on Training on Electrical Switchgear and Protection at L & T (Automation) Ltd., Kolkata

Day by day robust design of electrical switchgears becomes additional factor for smooth operational methodology in connection to fully automated power system protection. Observing on the smoldering issue the department of Electrical engineering of Camellia Institute of Technology, Madhyamgram, Kolkata-129 apprehended a hands-on training on designing of HV & LV switchgear in collaboration with L & T switchgear and automation at L & T House, Kolkata-71 during the period of 29th September to 01st October, 2015.


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Camellia Institute of Technology always has compatible and effective curriculum of developing student for industry ready. It was a complete power pack training session of more than 21 hours in 3 days including lectures from top   L & T professionals.

4 3 IMG-20151009-WA0003 IMG_20150929_153201

The introduction to multidimensional industrial electrical system was mapped by L & T professionals covering typical industrial electric power distribution scheme, workshop demonstration giving exposure to a wide range of low voltage switchgear like contactors, overload relays, motor starters and circuit breakers with basic overview of soft starters, drives, bus bar trunking, capacitor for power factor improvement etc.


Workshop on CISCO Unified Data Center in Kolkata on 17th July at The Park.

The educators from Department of Computer Science & Engineering  of Camellia Institute of Technology represented our Institution as delegates in the CISCO  Unified Data Center in Kolkata on 17th July at The Park,Kolkata.20150717_093003 20150717_102447 20150717_102531

Cisco Unified Data Center changes the economics of the data center by unifying networking, compute, storage, virtualization, and management into a single platform. The results are operational simplicity and business agility, which are essential for cloud computing and deploying IT-as-a-Service.

20150717_133742 20150717_130310


20150717_115752 20150717_115744 20150717_141406 20150717_141348 20150717_141029

The forum ended up with Q&A session in the house and by closing remarks.



CISCO Education Forum 2015.

The educators from Department of Computer Science & Engineering  of Camellia Institute of Technology represented our Institution as delegates in the CISCO Education Forum 2015(Transforming Education with connected learning) on 1st July,2015 at The Oberoi Grand,Kolkata.


 The forum started with a welcome address by Mr. Koushik Nath, VP Systems Engineering, India & SAARC – Cisco.


The first keynote on “Mobility in Education” was then delivered by Mr. Arun Negi, Product sales specialist, Enterprise Networking, Cisco.


The second keynote on “How is adoption of Wi-Fi and wireless connections bringing the change in the education sector” was delivered by Professor Anadadeb Mukherjee, Former Vice Chancellor, Vidyasagar University and Emeritus Professor of Jadavpur University.


The forum followed with a panel discussion on “Adoption of Technology – How is it improving Quality of Education“.


The forum ended up with Q&A session in the house and by closing remarks.

20150701_131300 20150701_131321 (2)

Seminar on Opportunities in IT/ITES & E- Commerce.

The students of Camellia Institute of Technology participated in a 1 day seminar on “Opportunities in IT/ITES & E- Commerce” organized by Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development (ILEAD) in association with The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) on 19th June 2015.


The Seminar covered the following points:

  • Various business opportunities and possibilities available today in the IT & ITeS sector.
  • The advent of disruptive technologies and how they are impacting all businesses.
  • How IT & ITeS technologies are opening new ways of doing business.
  • E-commerce opportunities for brick and mortar businesses.
  • Showcasing successful ventures in e-commerce space.


The seminar was highly informative where the students learnt from the Masters, Successful Start up, Mentors & Angels!


Few of the Speakers were: 

  • Dr. G.D. Gautama, IAS (Retd), State Information Commissioner,West Bengal Information Commission.
  • Mr. Jayanta Karmakar, Director, Appsbee Technology Pvt Ltd.
  •  Mr. Avijit Mondal, Startup Ideator, HealthcareIT.
  •  Mr. Suvranshu Kar, Founder, erp2online.
  •  Mr. Partha Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO, Silicon Systems.
  •  Mr.Ravi Ranjan, Warehouse Manager, NASSCOM 10000.
  •  Mr. Angsuman Chakraborty, Founder & CEO,Relaso Enterprise     Software Pvt. Ltd.
  •  Ms. Moumita Sarkar, Co Innovation Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services.
  •  Mr. Anil P Kastuar, CEO, Rank Consultancy.
  •  Mr. Arijit Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO, Virtualinfocom and TiE Kolkata- Charter member & Secretary.



IMG_20150619_152237384 IMG_20150619_153859017_HDR

IMG_20150619_123333996_HDR IMG_20150619_160149744 IMG_20150619_131515975

Agile Testing Alliance – BugATAhon 2015

The students of 3rd year and 2nd year from Camellia Institute of Technology participated at BugATAhon 2015 event which was organized by Agile Testing Alliance in association with NASSCOM, Capgemini, PMI, Microsoft, 10000 Start-ups, etc…


The BugATAhon 2015 was held at WEBEL ,Sector 5, Kolkata on 23-May-2015.

20150523_110704 20150523_123438

The event was a free non-profit international crowd testing competition challenge to test a live application in 2 hour. the participants  were either individuals or in groups (group of max 3).

20150523_123443 20150523_123446The students were given the task to test an web application and a mobile application within 2 hours.


They were asked to find the defects in the applications under the following 4 categories:

a.Number of defects.
b. Severity of Defects.
c. Defect Description.
d. Test Approach.

20150523_123449The students successfully completed the event followed by some discussions with the Agile Testing Alliance Team and NASSCOM  Team.


20150523_105930 20150523_105909

CAMPUSeCONNECT Coding and Testing Camp : An Initiative by InSync & Camellia Institute of Technology.

A coding and testing competition was held at Camellia Institute of Technology, Madhyamgram on 14th November 2014. This was organized jointly by Camellia Group and a renowned IT product company from Kolkata – InSync Solutions, under its initiative called CAMPUSeCONNECT. With this initiative, InSync’s objective is to bridge the gap between the IT industry and the academy sector.


Atul Gupta (Founder and CEO, InSync) and Devendra Pratap Singh (COO, InSync) strongly believe that there is a need for interaction between the institutes and the industry. With CAMPUSeCONNECT, they plan to engage students in various ways and build a sustainable partnership with education institutes to mutual benefit by producing “industry ready” recruits.


The coding and testing camp was a first-of-its-kind campus-drive which was held in Camellia. It was of 3 levels with increasing difficulty. Each level was an elimination Round.


There were two type of participants:

  • Coding Participants
  • Testing Participants

Students from all the institutes under Camellia Group participated in this event.


There were over 190 registration for the competition. 6 from coding and 15 from testing crossed Level 1 and reached Level 2. There was a tough competition in Level 2 and 3 and the participants who cleared Level 3 got on-spot job offers from InSync.


Apart from that, there were goodies and Tshirts for the participants and cash prizes and trophies for the winners.


Watch the video:

 “The main objective of these camps is to bring out the innovative mindsets in students, so that they can be given proper support and nurtured accordingly to have a successful career. These initiatives should continue in future as well.” says Mr. Avijit Das, Director, Camellia Institute of Technology.

Award Distribution.

 These camps will be very valuable for the students and we look forward to more of  such events.