Faculty Development Programme (FDP) at iLeads, Kolkata.



An FDP on 9th May, 2015-Saturday  at ILEAD, Kolkata on HOW TO BECOME A GREAT TEACHER put the faculties of CIT on TOP OF THE WORLD.

Col. Sengupta started with enthusing ENTHUSIAM to become a great teacher. His talk on Attitude of Gratitude and Attitude to Contribute stressed on the latent capabilities of students which teachers should explore and cultivate in the field of knowledge through Integrity, Emotion and Logic that goes in making a winner out of ordinary people. He even asked teachers to follow SNIOP i.e., Stop Negative Impact on Other People to make the society free of all odds.


Mr. P.K. Chopra, the Chairman of ILEAD, Kolkata talked of integrating Soft Skills with Attitude and Communication Skills focusing on striking a difference with Enthusiasm and Collaborative Learning, teaching Eternity in the lines of Dale Carnegie and a Harvard Business School Study. Speaking from the heart is what the call of the day is….we should not impress through tall talks as it helps connecting people from Janitor’s to a CEO.


The FDP ended on a note of infecting the spirit to win through the development of a Messianic sense of purpose discovering our mission and passion that gives life.

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