Smart India – Smart Solutions for Smart Cities.

Camellia Institute of Technology had organized two days Seminar  on Smart India – Smart Solutions for Smart Cities on 21st and 22nd January, 2016.The fully accredited program builds on college’s long standing tradition of academic excellence & future thinking.

With the rapid growth of information and communication technologies, there is a growing interest in developing smart cities with a focus on the knowledge economy, use of sensors, mobile and green technologies, to plan and manage cities. Emerging technologies have potential applications for efficiently managing environment, infrastructure, promoting economic development and building safe healthy sustainable & resilient cities through the active engagement of people.

Debasish Sen

Eminent persons from industry and academic, who are directly or indirectly involve in the project of Smart Cities, were present in this seminar programme. Mr. Debashis Sen, Principal Secretary, Urban Development Dept., Govt. Of West Bengal & Chairman – WBHIDCO Ltd. inaugurated the program &emphasized on the implementation of the Government Policies & initiatives to accelerate the Smart City Projects. It is also highlighted by Mr. Talleen Kumar, Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology & Electronics, Government of West Bengal, the importance of Smart City in present era.

Debasish and Taleen

Mr. Priyankur Roy, Principal Consultant, Director & Head of consulting of CSI, GSI, Erricson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. Rishi Jain, director of Jain Group and Mr. Saibal Sen, Founder Architect & Principal Director of Microspace Architects, were also present there and delivered expert talks on different aspects of the Smart Cities and interacted with the students to share their experiences.

priyankur and rishi

saibal sen

Dr.Tumpa Hazra, Asst. Prof., Department of Civil Engineering, Jadavpur University; Dr.Tushar Kanti Roy, Former Managing Director of M. N. Dastur & Professor of Bengal Engineering College and Mr. Debrata Dutta, AGM of ShapoorjiPallaonji Co. Pvt. Ltd.,were also present there and also interacted with students to share their knowledge on Smart Solutions for Smart Cities.

Priyankur Roy

The principal of Camellia Institute of Technology put the vote of thanks to the dignitaries and audience.

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