Welcome to Computer Science & Engineering Department

It has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty providing excellent teaching & learning environment. Faculties with industrial background and visiting guest faculties from reputed laboratories bridge the gap between academic learning and industrial needs. With seven state of art software laboratories equipped with latest machines with high end configurations working in fully networked environment, using client server architecture, it provides excellent learning platform to both student and researcher staff alike. Each machine has full access to broadband internet highway and global information banks. It also has a well equipped hardware laboratory which is also supported by simulation platform. A fairly well equipped multimedia laboratory which supports Web design, animation as well as audio visual experimental platform exposes the students to subjects beyond university syllabus. The department has a large collection of reference books and software packages.


1. To provide quality education in both theoretical and practical aspects Computer Science and Engineering domain.


2. To create highly skilled computer engineers, capable of doing research and also to develop solutions for the betterment of the society and individuals.


3. To inculcate professional and ethical values among the students.


4. To support society by involving in and encouraging technology transfer throughout the indivuals.


Departmental Projects