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Electronics & Communication Laboratory Infrastructure

Electronics Engg. Lab / Analog Electronics Circuit Lab

Setups and kits : V-I characteristics of p-n junction & Zerner Diodes, Half wave & Full wave rectifiers, CB, CC, CE transistor, zener diode, push-pull amplifiers,Clipper & clamper ckts., Push-pull amplifier, OPAMPs CROs, Function Generators, Multimeters, Breadboards, Various components, and other accessories etc.

Digital Electronics Lab

Setups and kits : Digital Trainer kit, Trainer kits for Gray Code, BCD & Excess-3 Converter, Universal Gate Trainer, Adder-Subtractor, 7-segment display, Flip-flop Trainer, Digital Comparator, 8-bit parity generator/checker, DAC, Counter, Multiplexer application, CRO, IC Tester etc.

Propagation & Antenna Lab

Setup for radiation pattern of various types of Antennae, e.g., simple dipole, folded dipole, dipole with parasitic element, Yagi-Uda, Horn Antenna, Loop Antenna, Log-Periodic Antenna, printed antenna etc. Antenna trainer Kit, VSWR Meter , Trainer Kit for Transmission line, CRO etc.

Analog and Digital Communication Lab

DSB/SSB AM RX/TX,Frequency Mod/Demod,Data formatting & carrier modulation TX/RX ,PAM/PPM/PWM Mod/Demod kit,Coder/Decoder Trainer,TDM Pulse Code Mod/Demod kit,Coder/Decoder Trainer,TDM Pulse Code Mod,PN Sequence Generator,Delta & Delta Sigma Mod/Demod Trainer Kit,2-Channel CDMA Trainer Kit etc.

Microwave Engineering Lab

Microwave Test Bench (Klystron),Microwave Test Bench (GUNN Diode),VSWR Meters,CRO,Isolator,Frequency Meter,Attenuator, Detector Mount,Waveguide Stand,Coupler,Circulator,Cooling Fan,PIN Modulator,Liquid Cell,Phase Shifter,Active Filter,C-Band Source with Power Supply,Detector,Magic Tee etc.


Personal Computers and accessories loaded with MYCAD, Xylinx, PSPICE softwares.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

Personal Computers and accessories loaded with Code Composer Studio & MATLAB softwares, DSP 6713 Starter Kit with various interfaces.

Solid State Device Lab / Design Lab

CRO, Function Generator, Power Supply, Breadboards, Multimeter, various components.