Chairman's Message

Key is with me
Every child, every chance, every day,
Anchored in excellence

Children learn best when they are in the company of other kids, during the various activities of our school where and when they will get a chance to pick up new talents, mingle with other like minded kids and understand the values of sharing, teamwork, leadership and exploring. So when your kids come back home with stains all over them, those won't be just stains, but will be proofs of what they have learnt and something new each day.

Be it ink, mud, food or paint, whatever the stain may be, every stain comes with a nugget of learning attached. Every stain is a result of a new experience. All this happen while your kids are having tones of fun. Stains are good!!!
The objective of education is to contribute to the integral, intellectual, social, moral and religious formation of the whole individual.

Education is the root of prosperity of a nation. A nation's strength is its educated population. As Herbert Spencer said "Education has for its object, the formation of character". Mahatma Gandhi said, "Education is the development of body, mind and soul".

N.R. Datta
Chairman & Managing Director, Camellia Group