Entrepreneurship Development Cell activity

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Entrepreneurship Awareness

Our students have also participated in Smart E Challenge, floated by NEN. Our students have also become Champion in Social Entrepreneurship at NASSCOM STARTUP WEEKEND, powered by GOOGLE, at IIM, Joka.

18th January to 20th January, 2016


The E-Week

In Panel DiscussionTopic was "Entrepreneurship Vs 9-5 jobs" and the panel members were Ravi Ranjan, Prof. Manas Sanyal, M/s. Shreeparna Panda.As being technology engineering students should be aware of the intellectual Property Right. So in the E-week the institute EDC has conducted a seminar on it. The Key note speaker was Dr. Mohua Homchowdhury, Scientist C. She and her team gave the students lots of information about various Do's and Don'ts and about filing a patent, what can be patented and what not, difference between patents and copyrights etc.The POSTER COMPETITION, DEBATE and QUIZ COMPETITION were arranged in the e week. The Topic of POSTER COMPETITION given to students was "Ideas for a Better Society". Students participated with great enthusiasm and came forward with good ideas. The best poster was awarded. The Quizard was organised at CIT campus, 58 students participated. The event was concluded in 3 rounds. The topics were related to Entrepreneurship, Business and Indian Economy. 12 students participated in the Debate. The topic was "Entrepreneurship Vs Traditional Jobs".

1st february-7th february, 2017


Orientation Program under Udyamita

The Orientation Program under Udyamita, for students has just been started successfully, by Mr. Manoj kumar Pain, from 11th August, 2016. Around 100 Students from DME and DCE have already joined this program. The guideline given at EDCAST is being followed. Plus activities to develop positive attitude, thinking sills, self-motivation, servant leadership etc. are practiced.

11th August, 2016



On 6th September, 2016, Prayas has arranged for a seminar "CEO SPEAKS". The purpose was to motivate the students by the stories of success of the CEOs/Founders of some STARTUP Companies. Mr. Arijit Bhattacharjee, founder, Virtual Infocom and Mr. Dipanjan Purakayastha, founder, TYGR Apps motivated students by their own stories. Mr. subhabrata Bhattacharya, Regional Manager, NEN gave the brief on UDYAMITA and EDCAST.

6th September, 2016


Eleaders' Workshop by NEN

Our E-leaders attended Eleaders' Workshop by NEN from 28th to 30th September, 2016. They enjoyed, became motivated and learned a lot. Our student Sayak Bhowal was invited their for Panel Discussion. Their Campus Company was praised.

26th September, 2016


4 Weeks Entrepreneurship Development Program

Prayas, has arranged a 4 Weeks Entrepreneurship Development Program, sponsored by DST - INMATE Project, in association with Webcon Consulting (India) Limited for Final Year Students. The program started on February 27, 2016. Our students have become enriched by renowned people from DIC, MSME, NSIC, KVIC, Centralized Banks etc.

February 27, 2017


Awareness Camp, CIT in assistance with Prayas

Goonj, has arranged an Awareness Camp, CIT in assistance with Prayas, on February 28, 2017, from 3pm to 4pm, at Gallery, for the concern of our students, on Menstrual Hygiene, for addressing to the issues of menstruation. 'Not Just a Piece of Cloth (NJPC)' is their flagship initiative highlighting the challenges women face in the cities and villages of India dealing with the natural process of menses.

February 28, 2017