It is the special internal committee for the purpose of dealing with specific protection of women from sextual harassment in the institute.


1.Prof. Sanghamitra Chatterjee(Chairman)

2.Prof. Joyita Chakraborty(EE)

3.Prof. Subodh Kr. Dey(ME)

4.Prof. Syamal Patra(CSE)

5.Mrs. Anwesha Saha(TA ECE)

Procedure of complaint:

1.Complaint by complainant has to be lodged within two working days of the incident to any member of Vishaka Committee in Writing.

2.The written complaint may be addressed to the chairperson of the committee.

Immediate Action:

On receipt of the written complaint the committee shall immediately provide initial support and consultation to the victim and initially try to resolve the dispute through informal discussions. However if the dispute cannot be resolved, an inquiry committee shall be set up within ten working days by the convenor of the committee.